Usage Info


The people of Summerfield believe in being a positive force in our community as a reflection of our faith. We believe our building has been entrusted to us not simply for member use, but for the good of all. We want to partner together with nonprofits, informal groups, families, & individuals to make our world better – whether that means organizing a major neighborhod initiative or celebrating a family milestone.


We are interested in partnering on anything that builds up the community.  Nonprofit group meetings.  Educational events.  Family celebrations.  Performing arts.  Visual arts.  Service & outreach activities.  Many other things.  We are not seeking revenue-producing commercial leases or corporate events.  However, we will gladly partner with companies, especially local small businesses, on community-serving events.  Likewise, we are interested in providing a home for ongoing community-serving programs.  Unsure if your event or program fits?  Please contact us.  It never hurts to ask!

How Much?

We are blessed to not need to rent out our facilities in order to pay the budget.  This allows us to partner with many organizations for free or a moderate contribution to cover utilities and maintenance costs.

Here are the suggested contributions for one-time private or family events.  We may ask for a bit more December through mid-March when heating expenses can be high.  Please note these are suggested contributions.

It is suggested  the contribution assume a minimum of three hours.
The 2223 Theater – $80/hr
2223 UnderGround – $50/hr (includes use of kitchen)
2223 Coffee Shop – $25/hr

In addition, we ask for $25 towards custodial salary.  You are expected to clean up before you leave.  This is refundable if the space has been exceptionally well-cleaned.

Please note these are not suggested contributions for most groups, events, or ongoing programs.  Please contact us for more information to discuss partnering in these endeavorsth

What Else?

Due to Summerfield’s denominational traditions and work with people in addiction and recovery, alcoholic beverages cannot be served at 2223.  All use of the Sanctuary must be coordinated together with Summerfield’s senior pastor.  We reserve the right of final decision regarding which events to partner on.

What Next?

Get started!  Contact Dan at or 215-634-4695.